I have always exercised, but for many years I did it on my own. Years ago, I met a personal trainer and began working out with him. The only equipment I had in my home was a chair and some free weights, but somehow it worked. Gradually I got the urge to impart what I was learning to others and decided to become a personal trainer myself.

In 2004, while living in London, I became a Certified Personal Trainer through the YMCA Fitness Industry Training. When I moved back to New York in 2006, I got re-certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE). As I got older, I began to make the connection between health and lifestyle, especially with regard to diet. Since personal trainers do not have expertise in food and nutrition, I decided to go back to school to study dietetics. Specifically, I wanted to learn about how healthy eating could prevent chronic diseases. I graduated from SUNY, WCC in 2011 with an AAS in nutrition.